Kid Inuyasha

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the beauty we learn behind this aweful tragedy from the young pure souls

  1. a boy give his life jacket and give all his life to help his classmate… he die as a hero on his birthday
  2. a young selfless ship attendant help distribute life jackets to passenger and stay behind until her last breath
  3. a 6 years old brother who give his life jacket to his 5 years old sister and wispher comfort even his fate is still unknown
  4. a student who yell for rescuer to take a small child from his arms even the ferry is sinking and he still on it

either u’re gone or safe or still missing my thought and pray goes for you…may your soul rest in peace and hope miracles exist so u can be with your love again and be safe…

I’m crying.. These people are heroes..

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I was listening to the original post as it was storming outside and I thought it was beautiful so I tried my best to recreate it.


The rain isn’t as heavy anymore, but its droplets still matte Castiel’s hair to his forehead as he approaches the two boys.
Dean is half on top of Sam, his hand still on his cheek from when he’d tried to wake his brother. Dean doesn’t know, but Castiel senses that there was still some life left in Sam then. Now, it has all trickled out of him in crimson liquid.
The rain has washed most of the blood away, and Castiel is thankful for that.
He kneels down beside them, gently rolling Dean’s limp form off his brother.
Dean jerks, opening his eyes wide to stare at Castiel. “Cas,” he coughs, blood trickling out the corner of his mouth. Castiel realises he must be drowning in the liquid, it filling his lungs instead of air.
Castiel brushes Dean’s hair off his face, hushing him. “It’s okay, Dean. You did well.”
“Didn’t… Sammy, he…” Dean trails off, eyes fluttering shut once more as his energy leaves him.
Before Castiel knows what he’s doing, he starts to sing. He sings the first song that comes to his mind when he looks at the two—these two brothers, still so young, that have given everything to do what is right.
“Carry on my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more…”
Castiel doesn’t know when Dean takes his last breath, but once the song is completed, he closes the boy’s eyes and brushes a careful, light kiss to each of his eyelids.
“You did well,” Castiel says softly, and gets up. As he walks away, he thinks the tears on his face must just be raindrops.

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TitleCarry On My Wayward Son - Lullaby with Vocals (Stormy Edit)
What the Dickens? — Alison, speaking for the cloneclub (via tatiamamaslany)

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Felix hiding behind doors - Season 1 and 2 parallels 

Hidden Fees.


Alison “I’m not in control of the muse” Hendrix.


Shit. Fee, where are you? They took em. They took Kira and Mrs. S.

Hitting the ground running. Orphan Black Season 2.